México denounces Ecuador at ICJ
The ambassador of Mexico in Ecuador, Raquel Serur (L), the Mexican chancellor Alicia Bárcena (2-L) and the head of the Foreign Ministry and Political Affairs of the Embassy of Mexico in Ecuador, Roberto Canseco (R) accompanied by his wife Arcelia Olivia Valadez (2-R), participate during a press conference this sunday at the Mexico City International Airport, Mexico 07 April 2024. EFE/Mario Guzman

México denounces Ecuador at ICJ


Mexico City, Apr 07 (EFE). –

Mexico will go to the International Court of Justice on Monday to denounce Ecuador’s responsibility for violations of international law following Friday’s attack on the Mexican Embassy in Quito.

Mexican Foreign Secretary Alicia Bárcena said in a press conference Sunday that Mexico will also go to multilateral organizations to condemn the actions of the Ecuadorian government, which led to the severing of diplomatic relations between the two nations.

“Starting tomorrow (Monday, April 8), we will go to the International Court of Justice to present this sad case, and of course, we will go to all the appropriate regional and international multilateral forums so that this is condemned by the entire international community,” she said.

The head of the Mexican Foreign Ministry (SRE) thanked the international community for its solidarity, noting that at least 18 Latin American countries and 10 European ones have expressed their support, as well as the United States and Canada.

Bárcena also recognized that political parties in Mexico, regardless of their ideologies, “have united their voices in defense of our homeland.”

Regarding the invasion of the Mexican Embassy in Quito by Ecuadorian police and the aggression against Mexican diplomats, the Mexican Foreign Minister reiterated that it was an outrage and a violation of the immunity of the diplomatic premises and its personnel.

“We are frankly outraged because the immunity of the embassy and its diplomatic personnel was violated and also the entry was made with great force and, of course, without authorization,” she said.

As a result, Mexico immediately broke off diplomatic relations with the government of Ecuador, as ordered by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, leading to the permanent closure of the Mexican Embassy in Quito.

Bárcena also presided over a ceremony for the return to Mexico of the diplomats in Ecuador and their families, noting that they returned with their heads held high after last Friday’s attack.

The Mexican Ambassador to Ecuador, Raquel Serur, insisted that Ecuador’s decision was a mistake that disregards the historical and cultural ties between the people of Ecuador and Mexico. EFE


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