Over the Counter Birth Control Pill
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Over the Counter Birth Control Pill


Washington DC, Mar 18 (EFE).-

Norgestrel, the first oral contraceptive approved for use in the United States without a prescription and marketed under the name of Opill, went on sale online starting Monday, the pharmaceutical company Perrigo announced.

“Because privacy is important to Perrigo, Opill will be sent in plain, unbranded boxes,” Perrigo’s vice president Sara Young said in a statement, adding that orders would be delivered in one or two days.

The contraceptive, which has already been sent to drug store chains, is available in one-month boxes at $19.99, three-month boxes at $49.99, and six-month boxes at a cost of $89.99.

However, Norgestrel is not a new product.

It has been on the market for half a century as a prescription-only contraceptive until 2023, when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determined it is safe for over-the-counter sale in the US.

These 75-milligram oral contraceptive pills are to be taken at the same time each day and should not be used as emergency contraception.

According to the FDA, on proper usage, Opill is up to 98 percent effective in preventing pregnancy.

However, the FDA recommends additional methods to prevent pregnancy, such as using condoms when a woman forgets her daily Opill dosage or takes it more than three hours past her usual time.

The availability of the over-the-counter contraceptive comes as abortion has become one of the most controversial issues in the November presidential campaign.

In June 2022, the Supreme Court overturned a 1973 ruling that ensured a constitutional right to abortion. Since then, some 20 states have passed laws banning it.

The FDA warns that women who have or have ever had breast cancer should not take Opill.

It should also be avoided by women if they are already pregnant or in combination with other birth control methods such as a different pill, vaginal ring, implants, or intrauterine device. EFE

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