Obama and Clinton support Biden!
US President Joe Biden (L) and former US President Barack Obama (R) attend a rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 05 November 2022. EFE-EPA/WILL OLIVER/FILE

Obama and Clinton support Biden!


Washington, Mar 28 (EFE).-

Several people interrupted a Thursday event during the electoral campaign of United States President Joe Biden, along with his Democratic predecessors Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, to protest Washington’s policy toward the conflict in Gaza.

The event, held at the iconic Radio City Music Hall theater in New York, is the most important so far for Biden’s re-election campaign since it raised $25 million with the sale of tickets to listen to the three politicians.

Biden, Obama and Clinton were on stage in a talk moderated by comedian Stephen Colbert when a group of people began shouting at the current president that he has “blood on his hands” for US support for the Israeli offensive on the Palestinian enclave.

In addition, another individual shouted “crazy” at Biden after apparently accusing him of seeking a nuclear war with Russia, for which he was expelled from the place by security officials.

Over the past few months, several of the president’s speeches have been interrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters, most recently Tuesday in North Carolina, where Biden agreed with the protesters by admitting that Gaza needs more help.

Obama and Clinton supported Biden on Thursday with the aim of boosting the leader’s re-election campaign against his Republican rival, former President Donald Trump, favored by some polls.

According to The Washington Post, some 5,000 people attended the event in New York after paying tickets ranging from $225 to $500,000.

The sum the event made for the event was a fundraising record for a single day, and is in stark contrast with the situation of Trump, who has a lower rate of collection, owes millions to the courts and put Bibles and a line of sneakers for sale to raise funds. EFE


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