Six dead in Bridge Collapse!
A handout photo made available by the Baltimore Fire Department of a collapsed section of the Francis Scott Key Bridge after a cargo ship ran into it in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 26 March 2024. EFE-EPA/BALTIMORE CITY FIRE DEPARTMENT RESCUE TEAM

Six dead in Bridge Collapse!


Bangkok, Mar 27 (EFE).-

Singaporean authorities said Wednesday that a ship responsible for the collapse of a bridge in Baltimore, United States, in which six people died, had appropriate documentation and passed two inspections in June and September 2023.

In a statement, Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority said the Dali ship, flying the Singaporean flag since 2016, was of “ClassNK” standard and had the certificates covering “the structural integrity of the ship and the functionality of its equipment” in order.

At the June 2023 inspection, the container ship Dali had a faulty fuel pressure monitor, but it was repaired, and the ship was scheduled to undergo a further overhaul in June 2024.

Former Trump White House adviser Peter Navarro (L) speaks with the media near the correctional center, before reporting to the Federal Correctional Institution in Miami, Florida, USA, 19 March 2024. EFE/EPA/CRISTOBAL HERRERA-ULASHKEVICH CRISTOBAL HERRERA

The Singapore Port Authority said Tuesday it is in contact with the US Coast Guard to “provide necessary assistance” and will also open its own investigation into the incident.

The Singaporean company Synergy Group, which operates the Dali, also said Tuesday that none of the ship’s 22 crew members were injured and assured that it is collaborating with authorities to determine the causes of the incident.

Synergy Group indicated that “the exact cause has not yet been determined” why its ship collided with one of its pillars of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in the American city, causing the infrastructure to collapse at about 1:30 a.m. local time ( 05.30 GMT).

At least eight workers participating in work on the bridge fell into the dark waters of the river, and two of them were rescued alive.

Before the collision, the container ship’s crew issued a warning that it was adrift, allowing authorities to cut off vehicle traffic on the bridge and prevent a major tragedy.

After searching for survivors in the waters, the US Coast Guard said that, given the time elapsed and the temperature, it considered those missing dead.

Among the six victims are two Guatemalans, aged 26 and 35, the Guatemalan foreign ministry said.

A Honduran national also reportedly died, according to his family’s information to NBC, although the Honduran government has yet to confirm the passing.

The blockage of the Port of Baltimore, caused by the bridge collapse, is expected to have serious economic consequences for the area. United States President Joe Biden promised its reconstruction as soon as possible. EFE


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